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Edutino is central hub which allows you to handle your administration, admissions, billing, bookstore, communications, contacts, donations, financial aid, library, student information, along with other crucial information.This information is integrated to work cohesively and provide instant access.

Security is a Priority

We understand the importance of protecting your data. Edutino uses encryption to protect your data, and provides daily backups of your data.

Ease of Use

Edutino does not require any special software or applications. It is web-based allowing you to access it from your preferred web browser, saving you money. Our staff will also be available to assist you through the data input process to Edutino, ensuring a smooth transition to this state-of-the-art software.

  • Focus on target
  • Advanced learning
  • Focus on succes

Customer Service

Edutino staff is ready to help you every step of the way. You can contact us through email, phone, online forums or our online help feature.

Extracting Data with Ease

Whether exporting a CSV file, API, SSO or integration with online apps, Edutino uses a simple export process that will facilitate your data transfer with ease.


Edutino was created with the goal of facilitating online academics. With this goal, our software can assist with enrollment, course catalog, credit transfers, and reporting tools, just to name a few.

  • Interactive
  • Wifi area
  • Computers


Growing student enrollment is a goal of every educational institution. Edutino assists with tracking every lead and guiding them through the process through enrollment. It will allow you to track what strategies are the most successful in turning a lead to an enrolled student.


Communicating with your students, staff and leads is crucial to your institution. Edutino provides you with a platform that can email, text or send printed mail to any targeted group. You will be able to micro-target your list to ensure the right people are receiving the necessary information.


Donations provide you with the necessary funds to improve your institution. Edutino allows you to accept donations, setup recurring donations, communicate with donors, reporting and create web-based donation forms that will encourage donors.

  • Honored staff
  • Faster learning
  • Certifications


Edutino's financial tool is a one-stop for all your financial needs. From accepting online payments to 1098-T creation to financial aid application and refunds, our financial tool will allow you to accurately track and report all your financials.


Inventory management, coupons and discounts, payment processing, point-of-sale operations and sales data are just some of the features offered by our Bookstore tool.


Our Library tool will allow you to manage your library virtually. Edutino tracks your library collection and helps you communicate with your library's patrons.

  • Financials
  • Bookstore
  • Library

Online Learning

Edutino's Online Learning tool facilitates online classrooms. Teach a class, give an exam, share a presentation, host a class chat, stream audio and video, track attendance, keep a gradebook, manage your roster. We can also import data from the systems you currently use.

Student Life

Your Student Life tool will provide you with a wealth of resources. From fee collection, to scheduling, to dorm assignments, to meals, to penalty enforcement, Edutino is here to assist you.

  • Conference hall
  • Library
  • Bar and restaurant

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